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Construction Supervision and Consulting

OJL Group guarantees our clients that the construction works will be carried out in accordance with the regulations in force, in line with the rules of the trade and with respect for the good building practice. In order to achieve this goal, we ensure the presence of construction surveillance inspectors for all trades (construction, electricity, sanitation and roads).

In addition to the regular supervision of the construction site, our experts take care of verification and acceptance of the as-built documentation; they also accompany the project owner during the project commissioning.

OJL Group also compiles for its Clients expert opinions and technological evaluation in the field of construction, use of asbestos, accessibility for the disabled, etc.

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We guarantee our Clients:

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  • Expert opinions and technological evaluation
  • Author’s Supervision
  • Presence of a Safety Officer
  • Final handover
  • Verification of as-built documentation
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