Due to their professional experience in the field of construction engineering in Poland and France, Jean-Luc GRANGE and Olivier DAL VECCHIO decided to simultaneously launch companies specialising in project and construction management in these two countries. This is how were established: CIBAT Ingénierie in Saint Etienne (France) and FIBAT Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw (Poland).

Both companies very rapidly specialised in project management, construction site coordination and multi-discipline design. Both companies have been gradually developing, working mainly with such brands as: CASINO, Group AUCHAN, TESCO, ROYAL CANIN, MAISONS DU MONDE.

In response to the evolution of the construction industry towards sustainable development, as well as in response to the growing needs of our clients to obtain advanced and reliable technical expertise, BEF Energie was established in France in 2011 and ADEO Energy - in Poland in 2012.

Strong interest of our clients resulted in further dynamic development of the business and broadening the horizon of our business activity, which resulted in the establishment of OJL Construction in 2012 in France, whose main mission is to provide clients with comprehensive Design & Build services; following this, in 2015, FIBAT Design & Build with the same vocation was established in Poland.