When the conditions for stormwater management do not allow to discharge the whole waste coming from the Investor’s area to the public stormwater system, construction of a retention basin has to be considered. The design and construction of such a basin depends largely on soil conditions, amount of water, possibility of discharging to the public network, etc.

On the premises belonging to the Royal Canin plant in Niepołomice, a 670 m3 open-air retention basin was designed and built. The specificity of this project laid in the fact that due to a high groundwater level, it was impossible to build the retention basin below the natural ground. That is why it was planned to add a sufficiently large lift pump upstream of the basin. The basin itself was built above the natural ground, reinforced with a dyke around it.

The basin was commissioned in 2012.


  • Design office
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Investor’s Technical Supervision
  • Environmental Approval