Design Office

OJL Group is a professional multidisciplinary design office, developing architectural and technical solutions for projects of various sizes. The company ensures the execution of all tasks related to technical concept, arranging permit design, tender documents, executive design and workshop drawings.

The success of a project can even depend on the choice of location. We accompany our clients at this very first and, at the same time, the most important stage of their investment by preparing professional expertise which considers a whole range of elements: technical criteria and administrative, environmental and financial procedures.

At times, it turns out that our clients need to modernise or expand an existing facility. In such cases, we offer them our assistance by preparing a meticulous technical condition assessment of the building and a multidisciplinary expertise.

Recently, the focus on the ecological aspect of building assessment has greatly intensified. Restrictive analyses of their environmental impact are linked to the recommendations of EU legislation. Thanks to the true professionalism and specialised knowledge of our employees, we offer our clients comprehensive documentation that includes all required parameters. OJL Group has experience in the environment requiring LEED and BREEAM certificates.

Being aware of the fact that the design phase is one of the most important steps leading to the success of a project, we offer our clients flexible architectural and technical solutions. For every project, we implement several variants, considering technical, administrative, environmental and financial parameters. Working closely with our clients, we choose solutions that best suit their needs, and we gradually and consistently develop them during subsequent phases of the project.

Our team of architects and engineers supervises every stage of the project until the operating permit is obtained. Monitoring the smooth running of the project enables to ensure it will be sufficiently consistent throughout subsequent stages of works.

OJL Group offers a wide range of services including:

  • Programming
  • Assessment of the technical condition of existing facilities
  • Multidisciplinary technical expertise
  • Architectural and technical concept
  • Technical designs:
    - Building permit design
    - Execution design
    - Workshop drawings
  • Tender documentation
  • Facility management consultancy during the building’s lifecycle