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Construction Management

OJL Group offers a range of integrated services in the field of construction process management. We provide the tools and technical skills, as well as the ability, to carry out orders that reflect the individual needs and preferences of our clients.

Respecting the time and keeping the investment's liquidity in mind, we provide our clients with complete coordination between all participants in the construction process: investor, contractor, project team, construction site inspector and control office. We have a long experience in the project management of construction sites carried out either by separate contractors or by a General Contractor. The expertise provided by OJL Group in this field allows for a complete coordination at every level, so that the construction works can be commissioned on time and the application for an Occupancy Permit can be granted acceptance.

A project is a "living organism" subject to permanent evolution, even after the contract between the project owner and the contractors is signed. Consequently, OJL Group ensures synchronisation in architectural and technical terms, even during the stage of the executive design - from the start of construction works to the moment of obtaining the occupancy permit.

Safety is an integral part of our project management services. We ensure that project monitoring is carried out in accordance with the highest standards. Well-trained teams with national and international recognition make every endeavour to ensure that all procedures are carried out in compliance with safety regulations and current legislation.

Finally, OJL Group supports the Investor in obtaining an occupancy permit and keeping the project log book during the operation and maintenance of the building.

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We provide:

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  • Coordination of the entire construction process
  • Development of safety procedure
  • Synthesis of executive projects
  • Construction works schedule
  • Obtaining an occupancy permit
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