About Us

OJL Group has solid foundations that were laid by: Cibat Ingénierie, Fibat Sp z o.o., BEF Energie, Adeo Energy and OJL Construction.

OJL Group has consolidated the experience of all those entities which allows it to offer its clients a comprehensive range of all trade services. It responds to clients’ needs within the scope of the project and construction management. It also provides care in the field of architectural and technical design, at the very same time guaranteeing sustainable development.

OJL Group provides experience and professionalism in the service of all types of facilities: from retail and industrial buildings, offices, apartments, hotels and restaurants to public buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

In 2012, Fibat Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of OJL Group, got qualified as BREEAM assessor. This represents another step in guiding its clients on their way to sustainable investments.

In order to further expand, and also to accompany its clients in their continuous development, the company plans to open new subsidiaries in other countries in the forthcoming years, focusing on the EU, Eastern Europe and Africa.


  • Project and Construction management / FIBAT et CIBAT Ingénierie
  • M&E technical design / BEF Energie et ADEO Energy
  • Construction site supervision / FIBAT et CIBAT Ingénierie
  • Sustainable development / BEF Energie et ADEO Energy
  • Design & Build / OJL Construction et FIBAT Design & Build